So amid all the noisy and lousy lounges in Punjabi Bagh, there lies a top-notch cafe that has 5 star quality in everything. The whole point of their cafe/bar seems to be a little different from all of the places there. When I went there, I absolutely wasn’t expecting what I experienced. Even the owners of that place make sure that each and every guest gets personal attention from them. This is a perfect place for friends or family dine-in, even for a date.

doodles garden punjabi bagh

Also, they have recently started zumba classes in morning (before cafe hours) with a certified trainer and launched their all new breakfast menu. So, you can contact the cafe and join those classes to stay fit. Not to mention that you can satiate your hunger pangs with their healthy breakfast after your workout.


This place has a lovely decor, it’s quite simple, spacious and bright. The ceiling has garden ornaments that give cafe the look of a garden. The seating is very comfortable with rich & comfy chairs. They have a lovely bar with a tropical vibe and highly trained bartender. Every sort of table is available there whether it’s for a large family gathering, friends hideout or a cosy corner for a date. Also, you can sit on the small terrace and enjoy your meal with a breeze. I found the lighting and music of this cafe to be very soothing.

doodles garden club road


I’m just so impressed with their chef on so many levels, I really haven’t had food like this anywhere else. I’m not only saying this because of the taste of their food but also the presentation because let’s face it, not all of us just gulp down the food, some of us love a visual treat along with satisfying our taste buds. They are pros when it comes to presenting fancy food.

In drinks –

Punchless colada
I still dream about this drink, to be honest, it’s like whenever I’m having a drink somewhere, I wish it to taste like this one. It was made with pineapple and coconut cream, it was heavenly.

Crimson shade
This was quite different and amazing too, it had soda with lime, orange slices and beetroot. This place will make you experiment with your drinks.

drinks at doodles garden

In small plates –

Lavender cigar rolls
Amazing is the word, guys! These cigar rolls were tender yet crunchy and juicy with softly cooked veggies and a little bit cheese inside, these were served with a dope Thai salad and sriracha. What more could we ask for, right?

cigar rolls at doodles garden

Stuffed scented cheese mushrooms
I had to! for the love of soft and juicy mushrooms and that’s what I got here! Button mushrooms cut in half, stuffed with cheese and chargrilled to perfection. Just mouth-melting!

mushrooms at doodles garden

Kung Pao paneer
This was their chef special and I’m so glad that I tried these. I’ve never been a fan of paneer tikka but they made it with such soft and creamy cottage cheese, perfect marination and drool some side salad that I ate the whole plate myself.

kung pao paneer at doodles garden

Vegetable cheese crepes
Have you ever had something that just knocked your socks off to the point that you couldn’t say anything other than “oh damn”? Yes, it was like that. A single crepe filled with cooked grated veggies and cheese and then dipped & topped with a heavenly cheese sauce and herbs. The only thing it lacked was quantity.

crepes at doodles garden

In large plates –

Tropical vegetable lasagna
It was beautifully cooked, the pasta sheets were amazingly soft and thin, veggies were cooked flavorfully, they had a crunch to them and the sauce was very cheesy, it had a very authentic taste. It was delightful.

lasagna at doodles garden

In desserts –

Fried Darsan
Fried Darsan is a delicious Chinese snack which has crispy flat fried noodles with a little sweet & salty flavour, drizzled with honey and topped with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream. It was my first time trying this dessert here and I just loved to bits. Their twist was that instead of honey they drizzled thick chocolate sauce over it and the noodles had a hint of ginger and topped with roasted peanuts and a side of apple slices which gave it a perfect finishing.

darsan at doodles garden


This is the most expensive cafe in Punjabi Bagh but as I said, this is the best one too, so it’s all worth it. I’m telling you, if you’re a food connoisseur then there’s no way that you won’t like this place. Also, you really need to try this place out as soon as possible. ( obviously, after this pandemic gets over, until then, stay home, stay safe) All the money spent would be worth it.

bar at doodles garden


The best staff ever, very humble and professional. Their service was as quick and neat as it could get. Their bartender was well trained and prepared for any drink you may order, they’ve got amazing chefs. We were well taken care of.

doodles garden


This cafe is on the Club road of Punjabi Bagh. The nearest metro station is Punjabi Bagh and from there it is easily accessible by autos and rickshaw.


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