All in all, who doesn’t love a fancy and extravagant dinner at an instagrammable restaurant? they don’t consider it the most instagrammable restaurant in India for nothing, I finally became acquainted with what the fuss was about. I got a little bit of everything that I’ve never tried in my life before and my experience really was plumazing.

plum by bent chair


Each and every corner of this place was as beautiful as it can get. They had wonderful counterfeit plants suspending from the roof. The cheerful and vibrant lighting is enough to lift your mood and send you to a Funland. They had an abundant seating area and beautifully set up tables with high rise chairs. The cadenced music in the background is so soothing that you wouldn’t mind grooving as you eat your way to a delightful pan-Asian cuisine. The combination of greens, blues and slight purple hues gave it a look that I could only have imagined. And what’s more? They have a large and very impressive bar. Talk about furnishings or cutlery, everything was top-notch.

plum by bent chair


Well, I actually went through a foodgasm that day. I tried a tad bit of the recommended dishes and some of my all-time favorites.

food at plum by bent chair

In drinks –

Thai mojito – This drink had the major portion of lemonade with the flavors of lemongrass, limes, Thai ginger with the hint of lemon juice and the source of sweetness was coconut syrup. Rating-4/5

Orange and peach mojito – This drink was very refreshing and came with a twist of flavors, sour, sweet & sharp. It had peach puree, sweet orange soda with just the hint of lime leaves and pieces of mandarin. I can have this drink every day. Rating-5/5

drinks at plum by bent chair

In small plates, I tried-

Crispy mushroom cheesy spring rolls
Crispy on the outside and oh-so-cheesy on the inside, full of perfectly cooked and juicy button mushrooms, these were easily the best spring rolls I’ve ever had.
Rating- 5/5

plum by bent chair

Wild mushrooms crystal dimsums
Oh, these aren’t like your normal dimsums. These are literally crystal dimsums. The skin of the dimsums was so thin that it was totally transparent, you could actually see the stuffing from the outside clearly. and the stuffing was totally delectable.

plum by bent chair

In large plates, I tried-

Grayson wingback chair
This was a yellow bean curry that has bird eye chilli with an Asian twist of quirky Asian vegetables like asparagus, celery, baby corn, mushrooms, broccoli and zucchini. I had to try some of their Asian dishes as this is their speciality. The consistency of the curry was just fine.

plum by bent chair

Chilli oil noodles
I’m extremely selective when it comes to noodles and these were by far the best and most flavorful noodles for me.
The elasticity of noodles was fine and they were perfectly chewy. I couldn’t find any fault with flavors or vegetables.

plum by bent chair

In desserts I had-

Salted caramel banana bread
It had crispy banana bread with choco chips and nuts in it, vanilla milk bean pudding with a mars bar on top, salted caramel popcorns and served with chocolate sauce to pour on top. Everything went well together and was totally lip-smacking.

plum by bent chair

Avocado and honey Ice cream
Okay, so this is one of those things that you have to try to believe. I can’t do justice to this Ice cream if I tell you about it just using my words. This was the best Ice-cream of my life, so smooth in texture that I almost wanted to cry. it was served with honey and avocado on top.

plum by bent chair


Well, I wouldn’t mislead you, the prices are high. The cost here for two is INR 3000. Making your stomach heavy and happy can be a bit pricey some times, right? But take it from me that this place is worth it all, you won’t regret binging here.


I gotta give them a rewarding score of a million on their service. They have the sweetest and the most polite staff. The attendants are highly professional and well trained. They pay you a visit every now and then to ask if everything is fine. Their service is lightning quick.

plum by bent chair


This place is situated in THE WALK, WORLDMARK 2, AEROCITY. The nearest metro station is AEROCITY on DELHI AIRPORT EXPRESS LINE ( ORANGE LINE). From there, you can take an auto.



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